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For that boost in supply when you need it

This premix is the perfect pantry must have. There for the moments that you need a boost in your supply as soon as possible, or when breastfeeding munchies gets the best of you. Our premix is a easy, quick way to make your own lactation cookies and you can switch it up by adding different chocolate chips, nuts and seeds.

Breakfast Ideas to Supercharge Your Day:

Breastfeeding Nutrition Guide

Boost your breastmilk supply

Extra Calories

If you don’t consume an extra 500 calories a day after birth, the body stores will be used to maintain lactation.

Weight Gain

During pregnancy, most women store an extra 2-5kg of tissue, mainly as fat, in preparation for the breastfeeding procedure.

Healthy Choices

Caffeine might not harm your baby physically, it does takes them longer to metabolize it and thus interferes with their sleep.

Protein Surges

Protein requirements in the body surge during lactation as it is a critical macro-nutrient for healthy development and growth.

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