Booby Bites Lactation Snack 250g

Vegan and Gluten Free
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Friendly

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Our Booby Bites were designed with the needs of all moms in mind!

Need a boost in your milk supply? Grab some Booby bites- the brewer’s yeast, oats, nuts and seeds will help boost your milk supply while enhancing the nutritional content with healthy Omega 3 fatty- acids.

Tired and pregnant? These delectable bites provide you with energy when you are feeling tired. Packed with nutritional goodness our Booby Bites will help support a healthy pregnancy.

Our Booby Bites are Gluten Free and Vegan friendly! Use it as a delicious treat when pregnant or when you need that extra milk boost. Our Booby Bites are the perfect hospital bag necessity.


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