Breast Greens

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Nutrients to support and enhance your natural breastmilk supply

These capsules are a great way to bump up your supply without the unwanted calories. These capsules not only contains 6 galactagogues to help with your supply, but they also supports overall wellness and provides a boost of essential minerals.

Benefits of using YML Breast Greens Lactation Snack

Breastfeeding Nutrition Guide

Boost your breastmilk supply

Daily Protein

It has been reported that 75% of pregnant and breastfeeding women are not meeting their daily protein requirements.

Back Pain

Shifts in the center of gravity and hormonal changes may cause back discomfort and thus results in back pain.

Water Intake

Water is vital in the fight against constipation, and doubling up on your water intake per day is proven to help constipation.

Frequent Urination

Along with undying thirst, the growing uterus puts pressure on the bladder, leading to increased urination.

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