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Relax and Recharge for the next session

This bath soak will help ease pregnancy aches and pains, and if used as a foot soak, can help reduce swelling associated with pregnancy. Magnesium is also known to help you destress and sleep better

Benefits of Protein Intake:

Breastfeeding Nutrition Guide

Boost your breastmilk supply

Fetal Growth

Weeks after conception adjustments in your protein intake is necessary to support healthy fetal growt.

Optimal Nutrition

Protein is the optimal nutrition during pregnancy, as it gives your body the resources it needs to ensure adequate milk supply

Healthy Weight

It is essential to meet the demand for extra blood and oxygen supply and to promote healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

Body Fatigue

A protein-deficient diet during pregnancy can lead to the mother being tired and can cause hampered growth in the baby.

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