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Optimal Wellness for Expectant Mothers

Our prenatal vitamins assist in meeting your micro-nutrient goals during pregnancy. Ensuring that your vitamin and mineral needs are met, you can help prevent pregnancy fatigue, nutrient deficiency and prevent osteoporosis later in life

Benefits of Pre-Natal Vitamins

Breastfeeding Nutrition Guide

Boost your breastmilk supply

Stretch Marks

The surge in pregnancy hormones can easily weaken skin fiber, contributing to stretch marks.

Swollen Feet

Increased fluid retention can cause swelling in lower extremities such as your lower legs and feet and cause discomfort

Sleep Quality

Magnesium has been found to promote better sleep, sleep quality and lessen the time it takes to fall asleep.

Brain Growth

Avoid food & drinks that contain phenylalanine and aspartame as it may alter brain growth in the fetus.

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