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Reduce your recovery time post-partum

Our shake is high in protein, low in sugar and delivers 10 000 mg collagen per serving, is 40% multi vitamin, with added oats and flax seeds to meet all your breastfeeding nutritional goals, assist with weight management and support healthy growth and development of your breastfeeding baby.

Benefits of Protein Intake:

Breastfeeding Nutrition Guide

Boost your breastmilk supply

Calorie Intake

A healthy diet with an adequate amount of calories promotes quality milk production and boosts energy.


Protein not only supports your milk supply, but also the growth and development of your baby even after the child’s birth.

Healthy Choices

Smoothies is a fantastic way to lose excess baby weight, support milk supply and get in your macro- & micro-nutrients.


Breastfeeding is considered successful when the baby is gaining and sustaining a healthy amount of body weight.

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