You can now submit your YML Collagen Protein purchase for reimbursement from your Medical Aid using our unique NAPPI Code found on our tubs.



Products supporting motherhood through every stage.

Meet Yummy Mummy Lifestyle

Yummy Mummy Lifestyle started out of a desire to help every mommy in every phase of motherhood. Whether you have a great or not so great pregnancy, an easy or a difficult birth story, easy babies or super difficult babies, breastmilk by the liters or formula by the liters, we wanted to help every mommy out there to be the best mom that she can be.

We got all serious with nutrition, focusing on giving you and your baby the best nutrition that money can buy.

Our goal is to help every mom meet her daily nutritional needs with a quick and yummy Collagen Protein Shake. Or keep up with the needs of her breastfeeding baby by having a filling and booby boosting Booby Bar. Or for the mom who just needs to relax for 15 minutes in a hot bath and regenerate in a magnesium bath salt soak.

But life is all about balance. While we love getting all serious about nutrition and bringing solutions to everyday pregnancy and new mommy problems, we also love being excited for your newborn to arrive.

Yummy Mummy Lifestyle is all about LIFE. We want to help you with all your nutritional needs, helping you figure out how to balance a baby and life by making nutrition a little bit easier for you, but we also want to share in your joy and excitement.



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