Breastfeeding Safe Slim Tea

Our slim tea is designed to help you lose weight while detoxifying your body when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. It is completely safe for breastfeeding, meaning you can shed those pounds without sacrificing your breastmilk!

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Rooibos tea contains calcium, magnesium and high amounts of antioxidants. Rooibos also supports the cardiovascular system due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Ginger for weight loss, ginger can help to reduce your overall body weight, BMI and waist-hip ratio.
Blessed thistle and Anise seed help to get rid of gas and relieves indigestion. Blessed thistle also helps in digestion that supports body composition goals.
Green tea helps with weight loss by helping your metabolism be more efficient
Stinging nettle helps digestion and absorption of nutrients from food. Its diuretic effect decreases bloated water weight.

How & When to use

Enjoy 1-3 cups per day as needed, until you start seeing a noticeable difference and whenever you need that energy boost.

1 review for Breastfeeding Safe Slim Tea

  1. Erine Kidd (verified owner)

    I bought the vanilla and I love the taste!
    Usually I can't even drink a beloved cup of Rooibos without milk. This tea has a very smooth taste.
    Thank you

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