How to balance solid food while still wanting to breastfeed.

How to balance solid food while still wanting to breastfeed.

Your baby will gradually stop relying on milk as they replace it with all types of exciting solids.

In the beginning when still learning how to eat, most food will end up everywhere except in their mouth, but as they start eating more solid food they will naturally drink less breast milk or formula. When you first start introducing solids, always offer your baby a breastfeed or formula first and only start with one or two tablespoons of food once a day.

You will know your baby is losing interest in milk if they’re easily distracted during feeds or if they only drink a small amount before giving up. By the time your baby eats three meals a day, feeds will drastically drop.

So how do you still keep up your milk supply, incorporate breastmilk and food into your baby’s diet?

  • You can increase your breastmilk supply by eating galactagogue rich foods such as YML Booby Bars, Collagen Protein, Sweet Potatoes, Oats, Almonds, Papaya & Spinach.
  • Express breastmilk when your baby skips a feeding session so that your breasts keeps up with the supply&demand need.
  • Make your baby’s porridge or blend food to make a puree with expressed breastmilk. You can even make pancakes for your baby using breastmilk.

Personally it was easier for my baby than for me to stop our breastfeedinfg experience. I’ve come to realise that each baby is different, you will get your milk loving babies and you will get your food loving babies who doesn’t miss milk at all (like mine). If you want to continue your breastfeeding journey and your baby doesn’t want to breastfeed, there are many ways you can incorporate breastmilk into they’re diet without them feeding directly from the breast.

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