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A: A NAPPI Code is a recognised medical aid product code. It enables you to apply for reimbursement from a medical aid scheme, but this is not a guarantee of reimbursement.

For you as a consumer of Yummy Mummy Lifestyle Collagen Protein this means that your medical aid might reimburse your YML Collagen Protein purchase. The reimbursement will come out of your medical savings plan. Please make contact with your medical aid and submit our YML NAPPI Code. We would like to emphasise that the reimbursement of your purchase is dependant on your medical aids provider’s terms.

How do you claim?

– Purchase our YML Collagen Protein shake from the website or from your nearest retail outlet as normal.
– Keep the receipt.
– Write the NAPPI Code on the receipt.
– Submit the receipt to your medical aid within 3 months of purchases of nutrition.

A: Pea and rice protein have a naturally earthy, grainy texture and taste, BUT it outperforms many other proteins in terms of nutrition.

A: Follow the link to Our Collagen Protein Dairy Free or our Whey Blend product page where you will find a Recipes tab below

A: We have TWO shakes that consists out of a unique blend of vital nutrients to ensure the best possible nutrition for mom and baby. Our shakes are high in Protein, contains 10 000mg Peptan Collagen, 40% Daily Multivitamin, Oats and Flax Seeds. All our ingredients work together to ensure optimal growth and health for you and your baby. Our unique blend will also give your breastmilk supply the boost it needs while increasing the nutritional value of your breastmilk. We have two options available for mothers; A Dairy Free Blend and a Whey Blend.

No, collagen is either Bovine or Marine derived, making it not suitable for Vegan needs. However, vegetarians can use it.

A: Yes, it is completely dairy free.

A: This is an easy dissolving Collagen, making it so easy to use. You can use a few spoons in your morning coffee, add it into baking, sauces or gravies and smoothies! It is flavourless and barely noticeable.

A: You definitely can! Our Collagen Protein shake is an amazing addition to your daily life as a protein and multivitamin supplement.

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