Breastfeeding & Food

Breastfeeding & Food

Breastfeeding for me has a lot more demands when it comes to food than pregnancy ever has. There are so many foods that you should avoid, food you should eat and when to eat. It can all come across a bit overwhelming so maybe I can make it easier for you…

Foods you should avoid: (let’s start with the bad stuff first)

  • There are foods you should avoid due to the fact that it can give your baby stomach cramps and make them constipated. These foods are: onions, brocolli, cabbage, beans.
  • Garlic is another food to avoid, due to the fact that it changes the way your breastmilk tastes. Your baby might not want to latch due to the fact that the taste is off putting, but maybe your baby doesn’t mind the change in taste.
  • Spicy, hot food should also be avoided as it could give your baby bum rash and a runny tummy.
  • Oranges and other citrus fruits. Anything sour should be avoided because it could cause an upset tummy in your baby or a mild rash on their skin and bum.

Then there are food that’s just incredible for breastfeeding and your baby;

  • Yummy Mummy Collagen Protein and Booby Bars are great for breastfeeding and baby. There isn’t a benefit I can say is better than the other, all of them are great. Go read all about these products in our Benefits tab.
  • Sweet Potato. Your body uses a alot of energy to produce breast milk. Sweet Potato isn’t just a healthy carb, but it will give your boobies more than enough energy to make yummy milk for your baby.
  • WATER. Boring but so necessary. You need atleast 3 litres per day to produce enough breastmilk. If you are physically active or if it’s a hot day, you need about a litre more.
  • Protein, Protein and Protein. During breastfeeding your body needs about 30g of protein more per day to take care of your body and your baby’s. Protein is the building block for almost every cell in your body.

Breastfeeding may seem natural and easy to a lot of people, but they don’t know the effort, time and sacrifice that goes along with it. Just remember that you are doing it for your baby, you are giving them the best. Whether you are breastfeeding a day, a week, a month or a year. Anything is better than nothing and the only people you need in your life are the ones who supports your journey.

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