Boost your milk supply in 24 hours

As you know, nutrition is EXTREMELY important not only for general health but also for milk production! We've researched and included some foods that are amazing for milk making mamas. Boost your milk supply in 24 HOURS with our quick nutrition plan. Our poll results indicated that many Mums need a boost in their milk supply ASAP.

We used our expertise and research to bring together a 24 hour meal plan to boost your milk supply!    

Here are some healthy ideas to boost not only your milk supply, but also your health. 

Breakfast: 2 scoops of your YML shake in a smoothie OR YML overnight oats topped with Bananas. Drink TWO Breast Greens Caps with your breakfast.

Lunch: Focus on High Protein and Healthy Carbs like Chicken breast with a sweet potato and avocado salad. Try to make food in Bulk to eat over several days. A chickpea and roast vegetable salad are for the veggie Mums. Top with some nuts for healthy fats and added Protein.

Dinner: Focus once again on High Protein and Healthy Carbs like Steak and Roast Veggies. Or a Vegetable stir fry with Soy chunks.
Snack Ideas : Sweet potato Brownies made with our Protein, Lactation Oat Bites or Booby Bars WITH a lactation Tea.
For best results we advise 2 cups of tea, 2 servings of Breast Greens and 2 servings of Collagen Protein.

Complex Carbohydrates: Aim for wholegrain or whole-wheat Pasta, Oats and Brown Rice since it is complex carbs, keeping you fuller for longer. Since these carbohydrates aren't as refined, it prevents blood sugar spikes and crashes that later leads to craving unhealthy, sugary foods. These carbs are often good sources of fiber, helping to regulate and assist your digestive system. Wholegrains are known for their B-vitamin content as well as iron.

Protein: Protein is utterly important for the development of your baby's muscles as well as bones. Protein also assist in keeping you full and reducing particularly sugar cravings. Beef is high in protein, zinc, iron and B-vitamins. It is better to choose grass-fed Beef, since they are usually free of hormones and antibiotics. The same goes for free range eggs, and chicken. If you are vegetarian or vegan, protein sources include the ever-versatile legumes such as chickpeas, seitan, lentils, hemp and nuts, quinoa, nutritional yeast and hummus.

Vegetables: Those famous dark, leafy greens will be your best (breast) friends! These powerhouses are packed with vitamins A, C and E, Calcium. They contain anti-oxidants and are low calorie, so you can enjoy more. Leafy Greens sources include, Broccoli, Baby Spinach (if you don’t like the taste, chop fine and add to an omelet. Spinach is disguised very well in any smoothie with a banana in). Sweet Potato, Chickpeas and other Beans in general. Mushrooms , Carrot, Beets. Kale, Pumpkin and Red Sweet Peppers are also very versatile and chock full of vitamins.

Nuts & Seeds: Almonds are a great source of calcium for dairy free Mums as well as sesame seeds. Pumpkin seeds, Flax seeds, Chia seeds and Hemp Seeds are widely available and easy to incorporate into baked goods, smoothies and sprinkle onto salads.

Fruits: These fruits are high in minerals and natural sugars to boost your energy levels. They are nutrient dense and easy to snack on. The best fruits for milk production include: apricots, dates, avocados (yes it is a fruit), oranges , Papaya, blueberries, strawberries and bananas.

Dairy: Yogurt (packed with valuable Probiotics) and Cottage Cheese since it is quite high in protein. For Dairy free Mums, Almond milk is a great dairy alternative (better than Soy, which may contain GMOs).


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