Best Tips for the First Weeks of Breastfeeding

Below is some of the tips shared with us by our Yummy Mummy Following. We will have discuss the tips in bold a bit more in detail at the end of the list… enjoy!

  • Relax, take your time. You and your are both learning this and you will get your own rhythm.
  • Warm showers, oats & rooibos tea. Fill your house with the things that brings you joy.
  • Be comfortable while feeding. Use pillows etc.
  • Do not listen to other people (trust your mom instinct)
  • Remember that everyone has their own experience, not one breastfeeding journey is the same.
  • Just persevere and do your best. Don’t feel pressured by other people.
  • Don’t listen to everyone. Take in what they say but it will all come naturally.
  • Nipple Cream! Popular choices from mother’s are: Lansinoh, Bepanthem and even mixing the two together.
  • Express using silicone pump for engorgement
  • Just stay positive and calm. Be patient with yourself
  • Have your mom with you. See a lactation specialist.
  • Feed on demand. Drink atleast 3litres of water a day. Keep calorie intake high but with good healthy calories.
  • Persevere
  • Let a physio laser your nipples, it works like magic for those initial nipple pain.
  • Keep the focus on your baby. Breastfeed in a position that helps you rest. Limit visitors.
  • FEED ON DEMAND. Don’t let ANYONE tell you your milk isn’t good enough for your baby.
  • Get a consult from a lactation specialist/consultant.
  • Just keep pushing through, the pain does go away. Also use nipple caps on and off to harden the nipple.
  • Stock up on snacks. Invest in good nipple cream. Cabbage leaves and a good bra.
  • Get enough rest.
  • That you are awesome and that it will become easier
  • Keep going! It gets sooo much easier
  • Cabbage leaves and mooka pump
  • Snack…a lot! It definitely helps
  • Just keep going, no matter how hard it feels and how sore, it will pass and will all be worth it
  • Do not give up
  • If you feel like giving up, just give it another day or two. Make your decision after that.
  • It’s all about the latch
  • Don’t give up. Eat enough. Nipple shields and find funny pics on pinterest for the night feeds
  • Do not give up
  • Persistence
  • Snacks, snacks and more snacks. Lots of water and oats too
  • Lots of lanolin nipple cream. Feed as much as possible to ge your milk production in place
  • Trust your gut. Think about all the positives
  • Persistence & patience
  • Use a lot of nipple cream and don’t give up. You are a superhuman
  • Breastfeed more. As painful as it is.
  • Nipple caps

Take Warm Showers & Fill you house with what bring you joy.

Taking a warm shower and emptying your breast once to twice a week will help in the prevention of getting mastitis or clogged milk ducts. This usually happens because of ducts not being emptied properly and then the ducts get clogged by the fat and milk in your breasts. It is also important to make your house as relaxing and enjoyable as possible and not allowing any unnecessary stressors into your home. Stress has big effect on your supply so it is vital to stay as relaxed and rested as possible.

Not one breastfeeding journey is the same.

Listen to as much advice as you can, but if something isn’t working for you and you find a way of your own, then that is perfectly normal and perfect to your own journey. There is no baby and no mother that is the same, so what works for some might not work for others, the key is to find what works for you.

Nipple Cream

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog. Applying a generous amount of nipple cream on your breast after each feed is really important. What will help your nipples even more is if you keep your breasts open with the nipple cream on for 10 – 15 minutes after each feed to “dry” them out a bit. Putting a bra or clothes back on directly after a feed might increase friction and tenderness on already fragile nipple. If your nipples are moist, they are more prone to painful friction etc, than if you left them to dry first and allow the nipple cream to absorb.

Silicone Pump

This is a GREAT way to catch that let down milk while your baby feeds on the other breast. It also relieves engorgement. It is really easy to use. You just put on the breast that the baby isn’t feeding on before your baby latches and every time you switch sides for your baby to feed on, you will switch the pump as well. I recommend getting a stopper for the pump, because elbows and tiny feet knocking over your milk is a VERY real reality and then you will a sadness over spilt milk like you never thought possible.

Feed on demand. Drink water, keep calories high, but healthy.

Feeding on demand and not on a schedule will give you peace, ease of mind and less stress. Growth spurts, mental leaps, season & temperature, sleep routine etc will have an influence on your baby’s feeding schedule. Your baby might go through phases of feeding every 90 minutes or go for a straight 4-5 hours before getting hungry. It is all normal and just as you begin to think that you’ve found a routine, it will change again. Babies grow incredibly fast and with this comes a lot of change.

Keep a full water bottle close to wherever you will be breastfeeding. Breastfeeding takes a lot out of you and for some reason you will always feel thirsty when you breastfeed so keeping water nearby is a great way to make sure you get in your daily amount.

You will also need an extra 500 calories per day, preferably snack high in protein & nutrients. I would recommend making one of our many Collagen Protein Recipes such as the choc chip cookies, carrot cake muffins etc. These snack are full of nutrients and healthy, allowing you to have a snack more than once a day. You can also opt for a Booby Bar a day, this will also help to increase your milk supply, especially during growth spurts.

If you feel like giving up, give it another day or two and then decide

This is really good advice. Never make a decision in the heat of the moment, everyone has bad moments and bad days. If the feeling continues, then stop. There is no shame if you decide to stop breastfeeding, you did your best and you gave it your all. PUT YOURSELF FIRST.  I can not stress the importance of the mother’s mental wellbeing enough. Continue as long as it serves you and brings you joy.

Find funny pics on Pinterest for the night feeds.

I also love this advice… it also carried me through a lot. Because sometimes nothing gets you like a meme that is just so true, but funny. Laughter heals the soul and when you’re tired and need a lift me up, Pinterest’s breastfeeding memes will not fail you. You can also read benefits of breastfeeding/milk if you ever wonder if it’s worth it, read blogs of breastfeeding journey. Do whatever it takes to helps you.

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