Baby Must Haves and The Money Wasters

Baby Must Haves and The Money Wasters

So now you’re home with your newborn and you have what feels like a million baby products and clothes, but what do you really need and what can you life without? It’s a question that haunted me before my firstborn came home and I just had to have everything you can possibly think of.

After a few months of being a new mom, there are a bunch of stuff that I realised you don’t actually need, like;

  • Steriliser, yup I said it, you don’t need one. If you’re baby was born full term and healthy there is absolutely no reason to sterilise everything. I sterislised her bottles, pacifier and breastpump once I opened it all up and that was the last time I used it. Bottle cleaning soap, hot water and a good rinse is all thats needed to clean your bottles and pumping equipment before the next use.
  • A fancy changing station. The idea might sound idealistic and practical in the beginning but at the end of the day you will change your baby more on your bed than anywhere else, because who has the energy to get up multiple times during the day to change a nappy if you can just change it where you are? My entire changing station moved to our bathroom, where I use the changing mat to get her ready for bath time, it is not used for the nappy changing station which I so perfectly designed and had ready to use once we brought her home. And this bring me to….
  • Diaper bin. You don’t need it, you have a dustbin and even more than that, with a newborn you won’t be going to baby shops for a while and you guessed it, you can only buy the refill bags at a baby store. You will use the bin untill the bags run empty and then you willl surely move over to nappy disposable bags. They are way easier, more convenient and a lot cheaper.
  • Baby bath. It hard and uncomfortable, use a baby floating bath mat, it’s easier to use and its comfy for your baby as well. You can also use it for tummy time. I love the floating mat, it keeps her head above the water and it snuggles her while I get to wash and move her around, it’s just a really easy way to bath your baby especially if you have to manage on your own. It also works great if you want to bath with your baby which just adds on to the fun bonding time


And then there is the things you can’t go without

  • A nappy carrier. I LOVE mine, it holds everything that I could possibly need; nappies, wipes, bum creme, nappy disposable bags, cotton balls, earbuds…you name it, it’s in there and it goes everywhere with me.
  • Silicone breast pump. If it wasn’t for this I woud’ve stopped breastfeeding due to being constantle wet because of the milk let down that happens in the one boob while my baby drinks on the other boob. This has replaced my electric breast pump and has also saved my nipples from that suction power. It’s a great way to build up a milk stash without spending any extra time besides feeding and your baby does all the work for you by triggering your milk let down.
  • A compactum. This is a great way to have everything close by. It holds the nappy stash, baby clothes, bips, towels, blankets, wipes, medicine and so much more. You can even put your changing mat, earbuds and cotton wool ontop for an easy change or nose cleaning session.
  • Glycerine. I don’t even leave the room without it, it’s a life saver, you can’t have a pacifier without it. It’s nice and sweet so it will bring you peace when your baby is crying and it cleans their mouth so there is no risk for thrush. It’s magic in a bottle I tell you.
  • The NooNooPie Tie Wrap, if you have a clingy or fussy baby, this is a definite must have. My baby hated being swaddled so this was such a life saving item. It kept us both happy, she was against my chest feeling all warm and safe and I got the chance to move around and get stuff done with two free hands.
  • Multi Cover. These things are amazing. You can use it to cover up while breastfeeding, use it as a blanket for your baby and cover your carseat with it to protect your baby from wind, sun and maybe just germs or nosy people.
  • Baby Tracker App. It helps you keep track with feeding times, diaper changes and sleeping patterns. You’re already tired enough without having to remember what time was your baby’s last feed, how long she drinked for or what boob you last started on, the app does it all for you and more.


The one thing I don’t have but wish I did is a Co-Sleeper Cot, it would’ve made co-sleeping so much easier ecspecially if your afraid of SIDS or if your baby chokes alot due to reflux.  It also allows you not to get up to get your baby for night time feeds, but still allowing you to cuddle with your husband without being trapped in the middle. And don’t worry about having all these fancy and colourful toys, your face is the only thing your baby wants to see and study, enjoy those moments because they won’t last long.

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