Amazing Apps for Moms to use for everyday tasks:

We know that being a mother, you need to have as much resources as you can get! The saying is definitely true - it takes a village. Luckily, with the help of technology, you can make the journey a tad bit better.

Below is a short list of apps that will helps moms with most aspects of motherhood. From organization to milestone-tracking, find it all below!

Handy apps for Motherhood:

  • Cozi: Keeps you and your family organized. You can share calendars and set reminders, create shared to-do lists, write your shopping lists, and store recipes. You can easily view your schedule and important to-dos. What is more, it even contains a family journal to capture those important memories and send updates to important people in your life.
  • Breathe, Think, Do: This app teaches young children how to calm down and solve internal and interpersonal struggles using research-based strategies. This interactive app shows young children breathing techniques and emotional vocabulary in a fun, playful way.
  • Artkive: Preserve your child's artwork. Take photos of your child's work, upload it in the app, and tag your child's name, grade, date, and title. You can then easily access and share it with loved ones. For a fun idea, you can even create and print a book of their art.
  • WebMD Baby: With the WebMD Baby app, you can get physician-approved advice. There are articles and tips about baby and toddler care, illnesses, emergencies, and more!
  • SoundSleeper: Babies can be difficult sleepers. For instance, those first 12 months of their life. Therefore using white noise to soothe them can work wonders! SoundSleeper is the perfect app for white noise. Also, it allows you to record your own lullabies to play for your baby and track their sleeping patterns.
  • MediClinic Baby: For comprehensive information on mother and baby, to features that track the progress of your pregnancy, and now your baby's milestones. Newest features include: Vaccination reminders, Track your baby's milestones. In addition, it includes Post-natal information and Customizable baby profile.
  • Mom Connect: Mom Connect is a mobile app that provides tips and education for expectant South African moms. Furthermore, it allow health workers to follow up with expectant mothers if they miss an antenatal appointment or if they need additional care during pregnancy.


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