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Hi! I’m Mariska, founder of Yummy Mummy Lifestyle. I was all too familiar with the struggles of being a new mom and trying to find the best products possible to benefit both mom and her baby. I had the goal of wanting to express breastmilk for a year while trying to lose some baby weight and improve my health. After failing to find products to help me meet this goal, the YML company was born and through thorough research, faith and a touch of personal experience, all products were developed.

The health and wellness of mothers and babies are at the heart of Yummy Mummy Lifestyle. We are all about making the motherhood journey easier for YOU. We understand the feeling of uncertainty and doubting yourself, especially when you are a first-time mother. We take the weight off your shoulders by doing the research, so you do not have to. We provide our moms with products that will support and enhance every stage of motherhood and every health and wellness goal you might have.Yummy Mummy Lifestyle has a dedicated team that does constant research on how to inform, equip and inspire mothers, who are the backbones of this world. 

As my babies grew, explored and developed new skills, Yummy Mummy Lifestyle (my third baby) also grew and developed. And so out of Yummy Mummy Lifestyle, Yummy Kids, was born.

Struggling to get some nutrition into your toddler's bodies? I know how you feel.
Have toddlers that can actually tuck you in at night because they don’t want to sleep? I know the feeling.
We know how important it is to give our kids the best nutrition for them to grow big & strong so rest assured and lean on us to help you navigate through this stage of motherhood. 

Myself and the amazing team behind Yummy Mummy Lifestyle will always strive to give you the best, because to us, you are more than just an order number or client. You are our inspiration. 



Yummy Mummy Lifestyle seeks to be the #1 Motherhood Support company in South Africa. We want to cater for every stage of motherhood- from pregnancy, post-partum recovery, breastfeeding and while raising a healthy, happy family. It is our vision to make the transition into motherhood as smooth as possible because all mothers deserve it!



To empower mothers to make better health choices for themselves and for their babies. To help ensure healthy pregnancies, babies, and breastmilk.


our promise to you

Constant Innovation.
Health-first products.
Empowering information.
Caring Customer Service.
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