The 5 top tips for breastfeeding Mums during the winter…

  1. Hydration is key: We all know that water consumption is essential for breastfeeding but even more so during winter months. This strengthens your immune system by flushing out potential pathogens. Not only that, but the colder months tend to dehydrate you and your baby. Winter’s dry air may irritate both your and your child’s the sinuses, therefore proper hydration and a humidifier use is key and will keep you both comfortable.
  2. What to do with the Flu: Many Mums wonder if they should temporarily stop breastfeeding when they are feeling sick. Research proved that breastmilk contains vital nutrients and antibodies against potential illnesses. Mum and baby pass germs back and forth while nursing, establishing immunities that protect both from future sicknesses. Additionally, babies that are fed breast milk generally experience shorter and less severe sickness. Medication is generally avoided during breastfeeding, unless it is breastfeeding safe. Breastfeeding safe ways to “medicate” includes drinking Green Tea or Rooibos tea several times a day with some lemon. Turmeric lattes have been hailed for their amazing anti-inflammatory properties too! Included is a link for an easy, immune boosting latte. .
  3. Eat Cruciferous: Leafy green vegetables are constantly praised for their plentiful benefits to the body. Broccoli, Baby spinach, Kale, etc. contain powerful and immune protecting properties. If you don’t enjoy those leafy greens, work them into one of our YML smoothies! Our recipe E-book is available in the menu.
  4. Continue drinking your Prenatal Vitamins: Your body’s needs increase when you breastfeeding, because once again, you are feeding two people from your body. It is often recommended that women continue with their prenatal vitamins when breastfeeding to ensure nutrients are replenished. This also acts as a defense barrier, protecting your body from potential colds or flu.
  5. The Covid Conundrum: Countless mothers have wondered what the procedure should be, if they contract Covid-19. Research conducted, indicated that Covid pathogens were not found in breastmilk. The Mum’s body will also send antibodies to protect her baby from potential infections. Mothers are encouraged to continue breastfeeding. If you are too weak to breastfeed, then express into a Haakah. Wear a mask when breastfeeding and make sure to thoroughly wash your hands before breastfeeding your baby. Read up more here :

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