Why the YML shake is the best for Mums!

  • Our shake does not contain ANY dairy, making it suitable for lactose intolerant moms and babies and prevents gas in infants. Most pregnancy shakes currently available contain cow’s milk and milk powder.
  • The YML collagen protein contains galactagogues (oats and flax) that are proven to increase milk production. Most pregnancy shakes on the market does not have added galactagogues.
  • Our Collagen Protein contains a powerful dose of collagen that strengthens joints and ligaments during pregnancy but also improves skin elasticity to help mitigate stretch mark formation.
  • Many pregnancy shakes have a lot of sugar and not enough protein. The YML shake packs 22.6g of protein per serving, which keeps you fuller for longer and aids your baby’s development. Not only that, but our shake contains 0.1g of sugar per serving and only 5g of carbohydrates. It is a perfect way to stabilize your blood sugar levels for sustained energy throughout your pregnancy and motherhood journey!
  • The YML Collagen shake is the FIRST shake in South Africa that offers a dairy free option that is enriched with collagen AND a multivitamin and that is refundable from your Medical Aid (when approved) with our NAPPI codes!
  • The best aspect of the YML Collagen Protein shake is that it has MULTIPLE uses and benefits. Moms can use it during pregnancy to help ease joint pain and curb cravings as well as during breastfeeding to increase milk supply! Our shake contains proven galactagogues (oats and flax) designed to increase milk production and provide nutrient dense milk for your little one.
  • Are you a gymming mom? Then you can rest assured drinking our shake as a protein shake that is SAFE and clean for pregnancy and does not contain harmful ingredients so you can continue building muscles, worry-free!
  • Do you loathe taking those endless amounts of multivitamins during pregnancy? (I’m looking at you, Vitamin B-complex!) With our easy-to-drink shake, you won’t need to supplement with those handfuls, since our shake contains a 100% NRV multivitamin.

Ultimately, us at Yummy Mummy Lifestyle formulated our versatile shake with motherhood in mind to provide VITAL nutrients and not only hop along on the trend train to make money! We care about the mothers buying our products and strive to have nothing but the best output when creating our products.

Included here is a link to our Pinterest for amazing tips and tricks for every stage of motherhood! We never want any mom to lack valuable tips and resources to make their lives easier:


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