We asked our YumMum’s what the worst advice was they received regarding breastfeeding. This is what they had to say:

(I will once again elaborate on each of the opinions in bold below)

  • Don’t let your baby fall asleep on your breast, you will spoil him.
  • Feed for an hour! You become so time focused instead of watching for active suckling.
  • To use nipple shields, didn’t work and was a lot of admin.
  • When breastfeeding and baby burps on your breast, you can get blocked ducts.
  • That it is easy!?!?!
  • You HAVE to do it
  • Schedule the baby’s feeds
  • To drink beer to increase breastmilk supply.
  • Brush your boob to encourage blood circulation
  • I heard that I don’t have any milk because my milk didn’t start flowing immediately after giving birth
  • That my milk is not enough or filling enough. It is always enough
  • Use regular bras and don’t buy too many nursing friendly tops
  • Give formula – he’s not eating enough. Worst advice ever.
  • To wake baby for drinking.Let sleeping babies sleep. Created the worst sleeping pattern!
  • My mother in law just said put him on the bottle whenever I had the smallest problem
  • To give baby formula at night so she would sleep better. NO!
  • That there isn’t enough milk and that I should formula feed
  • Just give the baby formula and stop breastfeeding.

How long your baby has to breastfeed for at a time

There is no given when it comes to how long your baby should breastfeed for per session. The important thing is that you want your baby to feed on both breasts per session. You can start of by switching sides every 5-10 minutes. It’s also a good idea to burp your baby when switching sides to release any trapped air bubbles in their little stomachs. Just remember, all the milk on top of that air bubble might also come out when burping so keep a burp cloth nearby.

Breastfeeding is Easy and you have to do it

Breastfeeding isn’t easy for everyone. Just like each pregnancy and each birth is different from mother to mother, so will each mother’s breastfeeding journey differ. It is your story to tell and no one can tell it for you. Some mothers love breastfeeding and that is awesome, but those who can say, “I’ve had enough” are the strong ones who will endure criticism and glares for opting to go the formula way and we should acknowledge these mothers for their strength and not be so hard on them. If you like to work and breastfeeding interferes with your schedule, then it’s great that you are passionate about your work, go for it. If the pain and on-demand-feeding is wearing you down, hats off to you for knowing that you can put your happiness first because babies feel emotions and vibes, happy mom = happy baby. 

Not having milk because your milk doesn’t start flowing immediately post birth

Your breastmilk WILL NOT come streaming down immediately after you’ve given birth. This can take between 3 – 4 days since your breasts will only produce colostrum for the first few days. Your baby will only need 5-7ml of colostrum within the first 24 hours of life and it will gradually increase with each day and with that. Your milk supply will also increase day by day as it changes form colostrum to milk.

Use Regular bra’s and Don’t Buy too Many Nursing Friendly tops

I personally also tried to go without a maternity bra for way too long, because sport bra’s and tank top bra’s will do the trick right? Wrong! The best investment you can make if you are planning on breastfeeding is to buy at least two breastfeeding friendly bra’s. Regular bra’s with wire are prone to increase your changes of having a clogged milk duct and the same goes for too tight sport bra’s. Breastfeeding bra’s are designed to make your breastfeeding journey easier, so make use of it. 

Then Nursing friendly clothing… just do it. Otherwise you will end up with rolled up clothing uncomfortably tucked under your arm or halfway smothering your baby will your baby tries to feed. Or you will be freezing in winter because a tank top is the easiest “normal clothing” for breastfeeding, besides that, you will stretch out your tank top to feed comfortably because a normal tank top is not made for breastfeeding. If you are planning on breastfeeding, chances are, you will probably do it for at least 3 months. That is an entire season. You can get a few basic, easy items to make it budget friendly like a breastfeeding friendly hoodie you can sleep in or wear during the day. One breastfeeding top to go out in (this is vital if you want to be quick and efficient in public places) and one breastfeeding friendly tank top to wear around the house or wear under a button up shirt when going out. You can always save your clothing for the next baby.

To wake a baby to breastfeed

A baby younger that 4 weeks should not go longer than 4 to 5 hours without a feed, but it is not necessary to wake your baby every 2 to 3 hours to feed. Your baby will find his/her own feeding pattern after these 4 weeks and maybe even earlier. Breastmilk digests within 90 minutes so with that being said, each baby’s feeding schedule will differ. Giving formula will not encourage your baby to sleep for longer periods of time, ONCE AGAIN, for some it might work and for others not. 

Putting your baby on the bottle whenever you have the smallest problem

Having a support system that actually supports YOUR decisions and views on things are vital in the beginning phases of your breastfeeding journey. Times have changed a lot since our parents and grandparents where parents and although some of what they say contains truth, not everything is still relevant today. Trust your own mother instinct, you will always know best and when something is wrong. The best advice I ever received and could give is that you should allow yourself one week at home to find your new normal before allowing parents and in laws to come and visit, or if they want to visit earlier, not to have them stay in the same house so that you can limit visiting times. Having guests in your house, even if they are family, will be a new experience once you have a baby. Suddenly you might stress if a crying baby will wake them at night, you won’t know how to tell your in-laws if you don’t like something they are doing, you might feel insecure breastfeeding around people because you are still learning and don’t want anyone besides your husband in the room with you. Everything will be new and sometimes these “new” experiences can cause stress and stress has negative impact on your breastmilk supply. So don’t feel bad if you just want to take a few days at home to yourself to find a new routine.

Take things easy, every baby is a new journey, you are allowed to first settle in before allowing the world a peek into your new life. Just do what is best for you Mama and don’t let anyone tell you that what you choose is wrong, because you are not wrong! You will always know what is best for you and your baby.

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