As with almost anything else in your body (finger size, feet size, eyesight) asymmetry is normal. For some mothers the difference might hardly be noticable and for others there might be a big difference. In terms of breastfeeding, this is not a problem.

Why do babies prefer one breast?

  • Sometimes your let-down in the one breast is too slow or too forceful. in turn, they will prefer the breast with a faster/slower let-down and in which the supply is more plentiful.
  • All women have one breast with more ducts and alveoli than the other.
  • Babies have a side preference. They tend to be more comfortable being held to one side and therefore tend to nurse more efficiently and frequently on one side.
  • You as a mom may subconsciously offer one breast more than the other because it feels more comfortable on one side.
  • A clogged milk duct or mastitis can give breastmilk a salty taste which would make your baby refuse that breast.

If you want to “even-things-out” here are a few things you could try:

  • Start baby on the smaller side for each feeding as they tend to nurse more vigorously on the first breast offered.
  • Pump the smaller side for 5-10 minutes after some feedings.
  • Add extra pumping session for 10-20min in between feedings.

Will your baby get enough milk if she just feeds on the one breast? YES, your baby will get all that she/he needs as long as she/he is allowed to nurse as often as they want to.

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