This is going to be a big one, so get ready…

On average, your body burns an EXTRA of 250-500 calories a day while breastfeeding or pumping. If you are pumping 600ml a day, your body burns 400 additional calories, if you are pumping 900ml a day then your body is burning an additional 600 calories and so on.

There a plenty of ways to increase and sustain your milk supply while being able to lose weight or just maintain your weight without adding on any unwanted kg’s.

FOCUS ON CLEAN EATING, by this I mean that you are eating nutrient rich foods instead of high calorie, unhealthy, nutrient deficient foods. Focus on fruits, vegetables, meat and high-nutrient carbs. Nutrients like protein, fat, vitamin B12 and Zinc needs to be consumed by the mother in order to pass it on to your baby. Filling up on fruits&veg gives your body more nutrients for less calories, add protein to the mix, which is slower digesting, and you will feel full for hours. Protein also takes more energy to digest, so you are boosting your metabolism at the same time.

WATER is EXTREMELY important! While pumping or breastfeeding you need between 2.5 and 3 litres of water per day. Keep water close by while breastfeeding since breastfeeding takes a lot out of you. If it’s easier then you can fill 2 x 1.5litre bottles or 6 x 500ml water bottle already ready for the day, then you can sip on your water all day long and take it with wherever you are during the day. In winter it’s a lot harder, but don’t subsitute with Coffee since Caffeine dehydrates you and don’t subsitute with tea either because the tannins in tea decreases iron absorbtion. Rather add a few flavoured water drops, Oros, Fruit Juice Concentrate or Fresh Fruit to your water to make it easier to drink.

The goal is to consume more nutrient dence calories and not unhealthy calories! I will attach a few menu options, as well as snack option.

One added list that I will attach are Foods High in Calcium for the breastfeeding/pumping mommies who has to cut our dairy in their diet due to lactose issues with their breastfeeding baby.

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