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"Met my 1ste was my borsmelk glad nie amazing nie, rerig waar en wou baie erg borsvoed vir lank maar na 6maande was dit kla, sussie is wel nou eers 10 dae hie ren my borsmelk is amazing. Die shake en breast green pills is amazing, rerig waar. Sy tel lekker gewig op en sys baie happy met die melkies so wil net dankie se, wens ekt julle gesien met my eerste."


"I absolutely love the shake and it makes life a little easier when you have a full time job, new baby and two year old taking up a lot of your time."


"Ek weet eerlikwaar nie hoe ek dit sou maak tot nou toe sonder hierdie nie!! Well done it YML van al die shakes wat ek al gedrink het is hierdie een by VER die beste!! As die naarheid eers klop en mens kry niks nie is hierdie regtig a life saves! En dit hou mens versadig so help sommer met die gewig ook! En wil amper se dit maak dat daar 0 cravings is! Alles in een, een keer ‘n dag!"


"Thank you so much for all the amazing goodies - they're beyond helpful. This is my 3rd pregnancy, and so far I never felt so much more comfortable.
Thank you for all care, love and efforts to make it more enjoyable, natural and so healthy for the mama's journey. Keep it up!"

Sacha Du Plooy

"I loved the bobby bar mix. I atevitvwaaay too fast. Absolutely delicious! Thank you!"


"I simply love your product. I have been struggeling to take my vitamins because it made me feel terrible. Your product is a wonderful and super yummy way for me to get in my vitamins. It has also helped to decrease my cravings."



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