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Providing the vitamins and sources that meet the increased demands of your changing body, as well as providing the best nutrients for your growing baby.

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Nutrients & Vitamins for Motherhood

Pregnancy is a stage of life where rapid growth and development take place and adequate protein is crucial to ensure a healthy outcome.

Seeing as you are busy growing an entire new person, it’s no wonder that your nutritional needs will increase. Your micro-nutrients, such as vitamins & minerals, will increase but even more so will your macro nutrients increase, such as protein, carbs and fats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Pea and rice protein have a naturally earthy, grainy texture and taste, BUT it outperforms many other proteins in terms of nutrition.

Answer: We have TWO shakes that consists out of a unique blend of vital nutrients to ensure the best possible nutrition for mom and baby. Our shakes are high in Protein, contains 10 000mg Peptan Collagen, 40% Daily Multivitamin, Oats and Flax Seeds. All our ingredients work together to ensure optimal growth and health for you and your baby. Our unique blend will also give your breastmilk supply the boost it needs while increasing the nutritional value of your breastmilk. We have two options available for mothers; A Dairy Free Blend and a Whey Blend.

Answer: This is an easy dissolving Collagen, making it so easy to use. You can use a few spoons in your morning coffee, add it into baking, sauces or gravies and smoothies! It is flavourless and barely noticeable.

Answer: You definitely can! Our Collagen Protein shake is an amazing addition to your daily life as a protein and multivitamin supplement.


What Our Yummy Mummies Are Saying

“I absolutely love the collagen protein! It will definitely not be my last purchase. I basically can’t go without it.”


“I started using my shake again today and you can honestly feel a difference as to when you’re not using it”


“As a mom whose baby had bad winds and cramps from dairy, I am happy to rather have the vegan based protein shake!”


“Your shake is incredible! I started using it last week and my milk supply has definitely increased! It tastes amazing as well, I mix with yoghurt or drink it as a shake. Thanks for an amazing product!!”


“I am so incredibly grateful I came across your ad on Instagram as I was browsing. I could not be happier with the products I’ve bought from you, Yummy Mummy is a lifesaver!”


“I’ve been using YML Shake since Jan 2020 and it’s helped my hair grow and my nails look amazing and are strong. Also little to no pimples, more energy. The list goes on.”


“Your products are soooo delicious! And really do help my breastfeeding journey so thank you!”


“These products are not only tasty but they really do work! Would definitely recommend!”


“Absolutely love this shake! I have so much energy since I started drinking mine in the morning”


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