Happymonials from our Yummy Mummies

“I just have to say those products are AMAZING and has really helped with my discomfort in the third trimester. It has really been worth every cent.”


“I’m enjoying the salted caramel bits a lot, the lactation tea is my all day drink and the protein is great in my smoothies or pancakes, awesome I love it, I got the ice tea this month and the colagem, the ice tea is so delicious I don’t even want to add sugar!”


“I absolutely love your products! The Greens and shake have definitely increased my milk supply.”


“Ooooooe I LOOOOOOOVE my collagen powder. I’ve really been having problems with my face and scalp after pregnancy and the collagen has made a HUGE difference. Loving your products. Thank you sooooooo much.”


“I’m very pleased with my purchase thanks. Both the bath soak and spray mist really help with the discomfort I’ve been experiencing in my legs and pelvis area.
Will definitely recommend Yummy Mummy Lifestyle products to other future moms.

Kindest regards”


“As always, enjoying the shake and feeling the difference it makes (on days I don’t drink it!). I am drinking it almost every day and have referred to a couple of friends as well as I really believe that it helps me a lot. I can see the difeerence in my skin and cravings – especially postpartum! This is my fourth child and 3 months postpartum I can definitely feel and see a difference!. I started it during pregnancy already and it helped my energy levels a lot. So yesm very happy still.
I am tempted to try the new shake but don’t want to stop what I know works! Also LOVED the Booby Bars but unfortunately my budget won’t allow for ordering very time! But I will recommend them!
Have a lovely week!”


“I simply love the shake and bites ! It’s been amazing
I struggled with my milk supply , the bites have been a life saver”


“The best tasting shakes I’ve ever had from numerous brands. Heaven in your mouth! Definitely gives a lot of energy and great for a meal replacement or supplement – they really fill you up! Definitely would recommend to everyone!


“We love love love the bars.
They work 100%. My milk supply is Increasing everyday, i will soon need to buy an extra fridge for all the milk 🙂
As said to you in the DM….. not just do i love these Lactation Bars but my Little 18month old son qlso finds them so yummy he does not want any other cookies.
They are tasy and healthy and the fact that you can add or make your own flavour is a bonus.
I have only good things to say, thats why i have ordered 6 packets in one month
Thanks a mil for a great product.”

Larissa Pretorius

“I bought it because I was experiencing quite bad pain in my wrists, ankles, and knees. I can definitely say it has helped with this, the pain is a lot better so I am very grateful, any difference in hair, nails and skin will be an added benefit but right now I am just so happy not to be in constant pain. “


“Thank you so much for your email. We are loving the collagen powder as a family. I feel less tired now and after my morning walks are even better.
I rave about your products to all my pregnant and mommy friends.”


“My little one is almost 10 months old and I have been using your dairy free shake since she was a month old, so a good 9 months and I use it almost everyday.
I have a cow’s milk intolerance, so I can pick up the slightest use of it and I am happy to say I have zero reaction to it. I use it with Oat Milk & Water, the oat milk also helps my supply as I am still breastfeeding. Being a newish mom now, I’m always on the go and your shakes really help me ensure I get my vitamins, fills me up, helps my milk supply and body too (especially as the baby gets heavier). The Breast Greens work like a bomb too.”


“My let down became stronger and I started leaking milk again while she was feeding on the other breast. My baby fed for 4min at most, where it used to be between 6-8min, but she was still satisfied and happy after feedings. She had fewer stomach cramps and had poopy diapers with a big smile instead of being finicky. Her digestive system was happier so she was a happier and friendlier baby than what se used to be. Even my digestive system and emotional well being felt and was better after using the Booby bars.”

melanie o

“Dear Yummy Mummy Family. Met you guy’s at Mama Magic with a little doubt in my mind about trying your products because there is so many products on the market. I’ve been on Yummy Mummy since August, the collagen protein delicious and not overly sweet at all and the famous delicious Booby Bars. My milk supply is definitely more. It keeps me going and I’m now using it as a post gym supplement as well. THANK YOU FOR THESE AMAZING PRODUCTS”

Message from one of
MamaMagic YumMums

“I don’t know what I would do without my Yummy Mummy Shake and the most beautiful personalised note with every time. Minimal morning sickness, all the goodness and taste soooo nice!! Thank you from me and my twins.”


“Booby Bars are yummy!”


“Breastfeeding was never a problem until I started working again. My milk production dropped instantly and I will forever be grateful that i hear about the Yummy Mummy Shake. It tastes great and started working within days..and the best part is, you can have it on the go. Therefore more time with your little one before work. It also gives you the needed energy for a busy work day. The bars also taste great and serves as a good snack. Thanks for helping me breastfeed for longer.”


“I first discovered YML as an ad on Instagram. I was very sceptical becuase I’ve never heard of this brand before. I decided to try the Booby Bars after reading reviews. The quality, taste, size and most importantly, my milk production was amazing! I’ve never been happier. My baby is nearly one year old and I am still expressing enough milk at work thanks to YML.”


“WOW… I ordered the Booby Bars and received them today. Immediately ate one and a few hours later, BOOM, boobies are full of milk. Boobies that are hard again because of too much milk and that from literally just one Booby Bar…that is Amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you..”


“YML is by far the best… really an amazing product, it really helped with my milk supply. I also love the cranberry and white chocolate booby bars, they are yummmmy mommy! Thank you YML, keep doing what you’re doing.”


“YML Booby Bars saved my breastfeeding journey at a stage during my breastfeeding journey.”


“I am so happy with these Booby Bars! “Breast”takingly delicious. Lol! I was not expecting these to be so tasty and effective. i’m definitely going to be a regular customer.The White Choc & Cranberry is amazing!


“I can’t afford to STOP using these bars. I started using the product when my 31 weeker prem baby was 5 weeks old. I was struggling to directly breaswtfeed my son due to his size (only weighing 1.9kg) and was therefore expressing using an electric breast pump. I received the package in the afternoon and immediately ate a bar. Oh my goodness. I was so impressed. Not only did I know that they were supposed to be good for baby and I, they also tasted AMAZING. The texture is just right and the sweetness is just enough to satisfy those breastfeeding cravings. I had another at night and my husband took a bite, only to want the entire bar until I told him that this is my booby bars. Usually I pump about 200ml during my morning session, but when I woke up the next morning I had expressed a whole 360ml. I was a little skeptical, but I had another bar at morning and evening. My evening session delivered 330ml. Apart from the consistent higher expressed volumes of breast milk, I also noticed that I was more regular, I had more sustained energy and my skin was looking amazing. I would recommend this product to anyone.”


“Had my baby this month and struggled a bit with breastfeeding. The Booby Bars have been nothing short of amazing. On the first day I ate them, I was able to produce enough breastmilk to feed my baby. Will definitely be ordering more soon.”


“This is an amzing product! Since I’ve started using the Collagen Protein, my skin did improve a lot and reflux is much better than before. I will definitely keep on using it and recommend it to other mommies and mommies to be!”


“Absolutely LOVE your Booby Bars – both my baby girl and I! They taste delicious and is good for milk supply. I have been breastfeeding exclusively for 14 months. My baby girl is allergic to dairy so obviously mommy can not have any dairy too. I was so happy to find out that your Collagen Protein is dairy free, tastes amazing and is so good for mom and baby! This is an awesome product – thank you guys!!


“Ek gooi yogurt in saam my shake, hulle het soveel resepies wat mens kan doen saam die shake. Wat lekker is, jy kan hom so loperig maak of so dik soos jy wil en wat jy van hou. Die shake gee my baie energie en help my met hardlywigheid vir die laaste stretch nou. Jy sal nie n fout maak met die shake nie, regtig!”


“My husband got me a whole box of Booby Bars at Kids Emporium Boksburg. I’m 3 days post partum and I had initially asked him to buy me nursing tea that was recommended, instead he suprised me with the Booby Bars. I tried them out and I must say, I’m so impressed, actually impressed is an understatement. Felt my breasts fill up after taking two Bars (one in the afternoon and one in the evening). I know it’s uncomfortable but I was soooo excited to feel that my boobs are sore, which for me was a good sign as it meant I’m getting more milk to pump since my 3 day old son is still getting the hang of latching. I’ve never been so ecstatic to see milk in my life. Breastfeeding is a huge deal to me so you can imagine how I felt. Yes, I tried another brand but it did not work this fast even with the recommended dosage. I’m recommending Booby Bars to all my mommy friends.”


“This is a wonderful product. I definitely had more energy on the days I was able to drink my shake than on the days I forgot or I was just too busy to drink it. It’s a good meal replacement and helped curb my cravings. It also gave me a lot of breastmilk with my third baby, where I usually had to take prescribed medication with my previous two children.”Judilene (Judilene used our product right up to her baby’s birth. She struggled a lot with aches and pains during pregnancy and didn’t have enough breastmilk with previous two babies.) Amazing products!”


“Just received mine and wow! I did not expect it to be so much! You guys definitely aren’t shy on size and portions.”


“I could see an increase in my milk supply quiet quickly and the taste of the bar is really good.”



“I loved this bath salt especially for recovery after surgery. It did wonders for my chakras.”


“I received my bath salt, had a bath in it that night and let me tell you, I had the best night sleep like no other! Love this product!”


“Ek love love love die chocolate shake en werk soos ‘n bom vir borsvoeding en energie – dankie vir die awesome produk”

mariska g

“Amazing product! Tastes amazing!!”

jessica c

“Absolutely delicious ? definitely feel more confident breastfeeding because of them.”


“Best shake ever and less sugar than other brands!”


“Best shake ever for breastfeeding!”


“I started using the Collagen Protein as a breakfast replacement. After a couple of days my appetite started shrinking and I never had as much cravings as I used to. My liquid gold supply is as strong as ever and I definitely don’t feel as heavy and tired as I used to. My meals are now much later because it keeps me full for so long. Total thumbs up from me!”


“A friend of mine had to always top her baby up with formula for the first month, which messed up her baby’s tummy. I gave her some Booby Bars and I’m happy to announce she has a MUCH better milk supply AND baby no longer needs bottle top ups. I cannot believe how amazing these bars are. That’s the only thing she changed, so a definite positive recommendation from us. We’re blown away as we didn’t think bars could do such wonders. She was on Eglynol and the jungle juice and not even that helped. So fi people ask, share the good news!”

DM on Instagram

“Absolutely love this shake! I have so much energy since I started drinking mine in the morning”


“This product is amazing and it’s doing wonders for me”


“Had my first Yummy Bar this morning and it is definitely YUMMY!!! no herby taste and the oats/nutty flavour is delicious!”


“The booby bars work amazing. My little one is just shy of a month and they’ve definitely come in handy and work like a bomb. Even my husband asks if I need a top up”


“Used the bath salt for 3 nights consistently, the 3rd night I dozed off in the bathtub, had the worst backache and I was soo tired. I’ve been so relieved since, thanks to YML, I’m ready to go back to work. Got my combo last week…love it!”


“This is absolutely the best product I have invested in. One day of eating these bars and I have already started to see improvement in my milk and doubled my ml in pumping this morning.”


“I’ve been having this shake for a week now and I can already feel the difference. I’m in my 3rd trimester and since my 2nd trimester I had been struggling with joint and ligament pain especially after a busy day or carrying my 2 year clingy toddler around. A few days after starting the supplement I noticed I no longer suffer with the pain or if I do have any pains it’s much milder compared to what it was. I feel so much better now and it’s also put my mind at ease as I was really starting to worry about how I would get through the next few weeks of pregnancy with persistent pain. I’m so glad I found about about YML.”


“I ordered the combo of collagen protein shake, bars and salt! Loving them!!! This was my second pregnancy and I struggled so much with the “tummy” after the first post op. Since I’ve been drinking the collagen protein with the second…my goodness! Awesome results! I’m taking it as a breakfast substitute. It’s filling too and I think I’ve lost some weight. I’m definitely ordering more!”


“Thank you so much for all the amazing goodies – they’re beyond helpful. This is my 3rd pregnancy, and so far I never felt so much more comfortable.
Thank you for all care, love and efforts to make it more enjoyable, natural and so healthy for the mama’s journey.
Keep it up!”

Sacha Du Plooy

“I am over the moon with the purchase.
We love the packaging, taste, effectiveness. My husband loves it too.
The magnesium soak is lovely.
It really helped my milk supply. I started leaking again 🙂
We highly recommend the product.
5 out of 5!”


“I loved the bobby bar mix. I atevitvwaaay too fast. Absolutely delicious! Thank you!”


“I simply love your product. I have been struggeling to take my vitamins because it made me feel terrible. Your product is a wonderful and super yummy way for me to get in my vitamins. It has also helped to decrease my cravings.”


“This product is amazing. My milk supply is more then wonderful and I used to struggle with my supply. My baby is growing very well. I will certainly use this product throughout my breastfeeding journey and will gladly recommend it to other people. Thank you for making the breastfeeding journey much easier.”


“Met my 1ste was my borsmelk glad nie amazing nie, rerig waar en wou baie erg borsvoed vir lank maar na 6maande was dit kla, sussie is wel nou eers 10 dae hie ren my borsmelk is amazing. Die shake en breast green pills is amazing, rerig waar. Sy tel lekker gewig op en sys baie happy met die melkies so wil net dankie se, wens ekt julle gesien met my eerste. “



“I absolutely love the shake and it makes life a little easier when you have a full time job, new baby and two year old taking up a lot of your time.”


“Ek weet eerlikwaar nie hoe ek dit sou maak tot nou toe sonder hierdie nie!! Well done it YML van al die shakes wat ek al gedrink het is hierdie een by VER die beste!! As die naarheid eers klop en mens kry niks nie is hierdie regtig a life saves! En dit hou mens versadig so help sommer met die gewig ook! En wil amper se dit maak dat daar 0 cravings is! Alles in een, een keer ‘n dag!


“I am so inlove with your product, second combo ordered! Thank you so much for making my breastfeeding journey so much easier and the healing of my c-section a breeze. Recommending Yummy Mummy everywhere I go. Plus it really is Yummy.”



“Second order round. These products are not only tasty but they really do work! Would def recommend!”


“Ek’t julle shake bestel en ek moet rerig eerlik wees dis vrek lekker!!! Ek sal def nog bestel. Baie dankie vir hierdie amazing produk”


“Hi Yummy Mummy. The products are amazing. I gave birth on the 1 October, while in hospital I was not producing milk in my right boob. Got home on the Saturday, received my products and decided to try a bar. Had half a bar and was watching tv. Only to realize my right boob had been leaking under my gown. I was completely shocked and amazed. Great product.”



“Received my order yesterday. I am so impressed with the bath salt and my milk supply has improved already. Thank you. Will order again soon.”


“I am so super chuffed with your shake! Just finished my first month after ordering and there’s a huge improvement in the quality of my sleep, and especially achy joints and legs. My family has noticed that my skin is glowing after only 2 weeks. I feel like I can’t live without it. Currently in my third trimester and I forsee using it thorugh the breastfeeding stafe and afterwards as well. Wonderful product and it tastes like milkshake!”


thismomis ontherun

“• I absolutely LOVE my YML Shake. I can’t go without it. Between juggling everyday tasks and being a new mom, this on the go shake has been an absolute blessing. It is filled with vitamins and has a huge impact on the quality of my breastmilk.
YML= happy mom and happy baby.”


“Your products are soooo delicious! And really do help my breastfeeding journey so thank you!”


“I use two of your products and I can honestly say that they have transformed my breastfeeding journey completely!”


“This product is AMAZING.”


“There’s many versatile ways to have YML collagen protein than having it as a shake. And today I just added it to my weetbix, low fat milk and half a banana. A yummy breakfast for a breastfeeding mom.
Your booby bars work like a dreeeeam!”


“I’m really noticing a big difference in my milk supply and the shakes are delicious. The booby bars are just as great and definitely live up to the name, yummy!”


“I am so incredibly grateful I came across your ad on Instagram as I was browsing. I could not be happier with the products I’ve bought from you, Yummy Mummy is a lifesaver!”



“I have been using your products for the past couple of months… very happy with the positive effect it has had on my pregnancy and now breastfeeding.”


“I love the collagen protein. It will definitely not be my last. I basically can’t go without it.”


“I’ve been using YML Shake since Jan 2020 and it’s helped my hair grow and my nails look amazing and are strong. Also little to no pimples, more energy. The list goes on.”


“I started taking your products when my baby was 8 months old and so wish I came across Yummy Mummy sooner. She’s now on 11 months and still strongly prefers mommy’s milk to anything else. Now on my second batch of the Booby Bar premix. They work brilliantly, thank you so much!”

Claudia, a very happy mommy

“I received my second YML, I really love it. It makes me feel a lot more full for the day, boost of energy, not so tired and I can carry on with the day as well. I know it’s giving my baby all the nutrients it needs to grow and be healthy.”


“To be honest I really never believed anything really helps to boost milk production, these shakes proved me wrong. It really does make a difference!”



“I honestly wish I came across this shake while I was still preggo’s. It makes the world of difference. Energy levels are up, joint discomfort is gone and it also keeps mu milk supply up and not in a overwhelming way. Love! Love! Love!”


“I’ve been using the Booby Bars for the last month or so and it really works wonders! Especially on those days when my body feels tired and my milk supply is a bit low… just half a booby bar increases my supply quickly. So happy to have discovered this amazing product.”


“Wil sommer net begin om vir julle te se hoe amazing julle bars is!! Ek is obsessed met hulle..en maak defs ‘n verskil in supply!! Dis so yum dat ek dit vir myself moet wegsteek sodat ek net 1 n dag eet anders sal ekd ie hele boks op eet as ek kan.”


“The shake & booby bar are amazing. They have helped me continue my breastfeeding journey, my baby girl is going to be a year and 1 month soon and I’ve been seeing such a lovely improvement plus the magnesium bath salts help so much with relaxation.”


“Best investment into my pregnancy journey! This shake keeps me fuller for longer, takes away any sugar cravings, tastes delicious and has made my skin glow. I make mine with water, chia seeds, frozen banana and teaspoon nut butter.”


“I will be the first to admit that I was very skeptical but after reading all the great reviews I decided to give it a try.
I’m in the last trimester of my pregnancy and have been been suffering from stiff and achy joints and lots of discomfort.
What a difference this shake has made. My aches and pains have reduced and a welcome bonus that I was not expecting is that I no longer crave all the chocolates and sweet treats I have been devouring before. I drink it in the morning and it totally sets me up for the day. I have so much more energy now
I will definitely be using it well into my postpartum experience and would highly recommend to other Moms”


“Your shake is incredible! I started using it last week and my milk supply has definitely increased! It tastes amazing as well, I mix with yoghurt or drink it as a shake. Thanks for an amazing product!!”



“As a mom whose baby had bad winds and cramps from dairy, I am happy to rather have the vegan based protein shake than dairy!”


“I personally choose YML because it’s a vegan shake. I don’t take whey based protein as my gut really doesn’t like it and the benefits of plant-based far outweigh any down side for me. So I really do appreciate the shakes AS IS. I love the chocolate the most, but also enjoy the strawberry. “



“Your shake is the only one that I can drink because I am lactose intolerant. There are 2 other shakes on the market but they are both dairy based. And neither has worked for me. The first time I made the shake, it was quite thick and grainy, but then I just decided to use one scoop instead of 2 with 250ml fat free milk. And I love the taste, it helps with my constipation without leaving me extremely gassy and a upset stomach. I’m currently in my 3rd trimester and plan on increasing from 1 shake to 2 per day whilst breastfeeding.”



“I am a Vegan so absolutely love your shake! My gynecologist was very worried about my protein intake for my baby but was really impressed with the growth of my baby because of your shake. I buy the shake and magnesuim salt monthly from you. My favourite is the chocolate shake. I mix it with frozen banana, chai seeds and peanut butter. For me it is the perfect preggie shake in the morning. I give a excellent review for your shake.”



“The yummy mummy shake has really helped my breastfeeding journey in the beginning I was concerned that I was not producing enough milk .I had done many hours of research and read so many great things I decided to give it a try.

I not only love the flavour and how many things you can do with it but it helps me with those breastfeeding hunger cravings .

I don’t usually enjoy shakes but this is more of a treat than anything else , it has upped my milk and energy supply and my baby seems to be loving the extra supply with no reactions other than being super full for longer 😃”



“I have recently returned to work. This has meant I’m not able to have my meals like I used to while on maternity leave, the shake has come in really handy with this and my breast milk supply did not go down, in fact on some days it’s much more than it used to be
For me, this far outweighed the taste of shake
I will continue to drink everyday because it’s helping me”



“Your shakes are amazing and a life saver for busy moms, thanks so much for an amazing product! Your shake tastes amazing! I am aware of a slight grainy texture but this is very, very, very tolerable. I am lactose intolerant and the fact that your shake is dairy free was a MAJOR selling point for me. The dairy free shake caters not only for babies but for moms with lactose intolerance too! I’ve actually become so dependant on this shake as it has improved my health so much and I’m sure there are many moms who feel the same way!”


“May I, while the opportunity has presented itself, take a moment to congratulate you on your product. I was working out daily until the day my girl was born. At the start of the 8th Month of pregnancy my body was really missing my protein shakes that I had to stop taking when I fell pregnant. While googling I came accross your product and decided to give it a go. I have not stopped using it since 7 months ago. Currently I am exclusively breastfeeding my girl and still working out. I ran out of shakes the end of last week and my order is a bit late this week. It might be a mind thing, but my body is missing the shake. Well done on a great product!”


“I have actually been meaning to order more shake. I absolutely love your product!!!! I am pescatarian so I prefer less animal products. I sometimes have it alone and I sometimes add a scoop of L-glutamine or an extra scoop of plant based protein powder. I take it for the health benefits, not as a sweet treat (which I don’t believe is it’s purpose). When I went mostly vegetarian, I lost a lot of hair and I also was on a course of chemo, and your product saved my hair and nails and health generally. I suffer with Fibromyalgia and when I stop taking your product I feel the implications almost instantly. For me, it’s for the health benefits and I absolutely enjoy the taste, which for me is not about a sweet treat. Compared to any other collagen I’ve tasted, it’s the best. I need it for all it’s goodness.”


“I honestly enjoy the vegan based shake. Having used protein shakes for the past 5 years I can honestly say yours is by far the best vegan shake I’ve ever had. I would definitely continue buying the vegan shake”



“Thank you for reaching out. I absolutely LOVE your dairy free collagen shakes. The vanilla is my absolute favourite, followed closely by the chocolate. I think they are spot on!! And I love that you use a vegan-based protein!! Your product is magic and with so many wonderful benefits to us Yummy Mummies!!
Thank you for all you do!”


“I did dilute the shake a bit more than recommended though because I found it to be too sweet for me. Other than the sweetness, it was perfect and gave me lots of energy during very tired and stressed days. It also helped me with my breast milk production.”


“From a nutrition point of view I prefer pea protein. I firmly believe that YM shakes assisted me in a more comfortable pregnancy as the weeks I neglected taking it I felt noticeably worse. Postpartum I firmly believe it helped me with my milk supply. NO DOUBT. It also helped me reach my protein goals during a time I felt most safe with Pea Protien. Personally I am grateful there was a safe option me the helped me during this time.”


“I use the collegan shakes as a “health shake” to get nutrients and a collagen boost. Also as a quick meal replacement for breakfast. I find them lovely. I am not a mother or pregnant. I just take it because its not processed like other meal replacements. I have no issues with the shake. They are not sweet as other shakes which for me means that it’s healthier! “


“It was a strange taste at first, not ugly, just different, but I very soon started liking it a lot and I loved having my shake on a daily basis. I love that it is vegan and that it’s filled with goodness. I honestly think that’s what makes it better than the other shakes on the market. And this is exactly what you want when you’re pregnant…everything that’s good.”


“I feel the product benefits itself far outweigh the texture. I am however extremely happy with your product. My energy levels are up, my skin isn’t dull and I sleep so much better when I take the shake compared to when I don’t.”


“The breast greens have changed my life! I love them!


“These Booby Bars are heaven sent. I noticed the difference immediately!”


“I looooovvveeee the sake, once I got use to it , it was perfect and is still a daily must in my routine.
It made me gain NO weight and is such an important part of my day!
It helps me keep everything strong, healthy and in shape. 🙂”



“This Booby Bars are magic, like for real. I started eating them and my boobies started dripping like crazy from yesterday. I could pump 250ml, amazing! Thanks for a great product! I will be coming back for more”


“I started using my shake again today and you can honestly feel a difference as to when you’re not using it”


“Breastfeeding has always been a huge priority for me with both of my babies. But I only sadly found out about YML Booby Bars in the last few weeks. They have literally changed my breastfeeding journey for the better and have given me extra confidence in my supply! Not only are they affordable but absolutely delicious! Thank you for such an incredible proudly South African product.”


“I am so super chuffed with your shake! Just finished my first month after ordering and there’s a huge improvement in the quality of my sleep, and especially achy joints and legs. My family has noticed that my skin is glowing after only 2 weeks. I feel like I can’t live without it. Currently in my third trimester and I foresee using it through the breastfeeding stage and afterwards as well. Wonderful product and it tastes like milkshake!!”


“I absolutely LOVE my Yummy Mummy Lifestyle shake. I can’t go without it. Between juggling everyday tasks and being a new mom, this on the go shake has been an absolute blessing. it is filled with vitamins and has a huge impact on the quality of my breastmilk.”


“I’ve been taking YML Collagen Protein since Jan 2020 and it’s helped my hair grow and my nails look amazing and are strong. Also little to no pimples, more energy. THE LIST GOES ON.”



“I love the collagen protein! It will definitely not be my last. I basically can’t go without it.”


“I have been using your products for the past couple of months…Very happy with the positive effect it has had on my pregnancy and now breastfeeding.”


“I will be the first to admit that I was very skeptical but after reading all the great reviews I decided to give it a try. I’m in the last trimester of my pregnancy and have been been suffering from stiff and achy joints and lots of discomfort. What a difference this shake has made. My aches and pains have reduced and a welcome bonus that I was not expecting is that I no longer crave all the chocolates and sweet treats I have been devouring before. I drink it in the morning and it totally sets me up for the day. I have so much more energy now I will definitely be using it well into my postpartum experience and would highly recommend to other Moms”


“Absolutely love this combo! The shake has helped me so much with recovery and amazing hair growth! And the bars have kept my milk supply super strong for 9 months and counting.”


“I’m so impressed with the Booby Bars. I had to go on the pill again, so my supply dropped in days of taking it. I had one yesterday and it’s already made a huge difference in my supply! Super impressed!”


“Absolutely love my shake!! It’s the best thing I have ever tasted. The Vanilla is amazing. Thanks so much for all the products.”

Storm Sky

“I am thirteen weeks postpartum and have noticed a significant difference in my hips and joints since using the collage protein shake. They were achy and stiff and they have loosened up, allowing me to exercise more, which has supported my weight loss. All of this in just two weeks. I definitely want to keep using this throughout my breastfeeding journey.”



“So I experienced a bit of a dip in the amount expressed during the day, we have started bottle feeding during the day as I am returning to work next week. The I had a Booby Bar this morning and expressed 250ml in one sitting vs 150ml max on previous days. So yay the Booby Bar definitely worked!”


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