How to overcome the dreaded working mommy-guilt…

How to overcome the dreaded working mommy-guilt...

How to overcome mommy-guilt:

Were you ever headed out the door to work and suddenly find yourself emotional at leaving your little one? Or perhaps you have missed an important milestone, having to see it on video? Rest assured mom, you are NOT the only one. You’ve got a case of mommy guilt and it’s perfectly normal. Although normal, it can be pretty hard to deal with. That is why we’ve decided to share tips on how to help overcome those guilt feelings:

  1. The first step is to admit. Admit that there is a likelihood of you missing out on some moments. This does NOT make you a bad mom! You are building a future for them and you deserve way more credit.

  2. Connect with your child when you can. Sometimes, frequency is less effective than quality. Make sure that the time you do spend with you child helps you connect. It is not just about presence, it is about the quality of the time. Do things together that you know will be heartfelt by both you and your little one. Staying connected is very important when you are away.

  3. Be kinder to yourself. Most of us moms have high standards with their relationships with their children. Just because you work (for their wellbeing) does not mean you are a bad mom. Remember that not everyone can be a mom. Remember that you cannot be in a million places at once. It is not a reflection of YOU as a mom. It is just a fact of reality!

  4. Have some “me time“. Sometimes in an attempt to be the best mother and partner, we neglect ourselves. This often leads to the guilt spin and feelings of inadequacy. That is why it is SO important to spend time by yourself. Do something for yourself even if just for 10 minutes. Or exercising, or having a cup of tea by yourself. You have to be important to yourself too, you know.

  5. Find a support system. It is good to connect with other moms in a similar position. Therefore it is good to join (or start) a mommy group on Facebook or in person. Make a WhatsApp group for easy communication. It is so helpful to share experiences that can make you feel supported.
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